Snovitra 5 mg

Snovitra 5 mg is the second best selling impotence drug in the UK. It is available in 2 dosing options – Snovitra for daily use and Snovitra ‘taken as needed’ or the 36-hour Snovitra. The former version is suitable for you if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, but still want to enjoy sex as often as a man with no erection problems.

The journey of Snovitra

Snovitra tadalafil started its journey in 2003, 5 years after Viagra showed the world that male impotence should not be a reason for not enjoying a healthy and happy sex life. The sildenafil therapy proved beyond doubt that a man who wants to have sex can get a fully rigid penis despite his inability to get erections naturally. Snovitra 5 mg added something extra to the fun.

Snovitra for daily use and Snovitra for 36 hours can give you two distinct benefits. The pill for daily use is ideal to enjoy sex as and when you feel the moment is right. The right moment for sex may come when you least expect it and with the daily pill, you can be ready anytime. Snovitra for 36 hours, on the other hand, is a ‘take as needed’ drug which you can take only when you wish to have sex. Many men use this version of the medicine when they go on vacations with their partners during weekends. It gives 36 hours to warm up to the special moment of intercourse.

What is so special about Snovitra once a day?

If you take Snovitra 5 mg once a day, you minimise the risk of getting dependent on a medicine. Because a Snovitra Daily pill comes in smaller doses (2.5mg and 5mg), its impact on your health is minimal. Put simply, it does what it should do and does not do anything else to disturb the natural functioning of your body. Also, Snovitra for daily use can give you the freedom and confidence of a man who has no erection problems. Just knowing that you can have sex anytime you wish without having to worry whether or not your penis will comply with your desire is a great masculine feeling in itself.

Less risk of side effects

The low-dose pills can minimise the risk of the possible side effects which a stronger dose may cause. Impotence drugs are usually not recommended for men with heart, kidney or liver conditions. But Snovitra a day, when prescribed by a doctor, does not cause any problem in men with underlying health conditions. Also, the daily pills of Snovitra are effective in treating mild, moderate or severe impotence.

Dosage information

Snovitra 5 mg once a day pills come in 2.5mg and 5mg doses. Only your doctor can prescribe the right dose for you can also adjust the dose depending on how much progress you are making. Do not take more than a single pill everyday. In case you miss one dose, take it when you remember, but not if it is already time to take the next day’s dose.