Delayed Ejaculation and Treatment

Delayed ejaculation is the problem of various origins. It may be caused by:

– psychological problems like previous experience, feeling pressure, anger, fear,
– physiological problems like results of illnesses, current diseases or treatment courses,
– the result of unhealthy way of life: smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs.

The first step you should take on your way to better sexual life is getting the correct diagnosis. Once you know the reason which caused the disorder, you can fix it. Do not try to start treatment with pills or operations before visiting the doctor. It may not only be waste of time and money but as well harm for your health.

In order to know what causes the disorder, you will pass doctors examination. Perhaps you will have to take some medical tests. And if the doctor sees no sigs of infections, physical illnesses, you will be taken to the psychologist.

It’s a great relief if the diagnosis comes right when you address the doctor or in several days. If you have some kind of infection it’s a piece of good news. Modern ways of treating urinary infections are improving day by day and very soon you will be back in game.

If you have no infections but the delayed ejaculation is the result of some illness you haven’t paid attention before or trauma etc, you will be asked to pass medicines course or will be offered a range of procedures for treating.

And finally if all above doesn’t work, your private psychologist will try to find the reason and the solution that come from within. It’s possible that you had some negative experience. It may be that you were feeling pressure at your job. It may be that you have some other problems you might not even be conscious about. But still a great psychologist will help you out. Your only task is to be sincere and to trust the experience of your doctor.

The worst ideas, especially if you are still uncertain about what causes your dysfunction or while treatment or right after you feel a bit better but you haven’t completed the course are:
– self-treatment,
– active sexual life,
– sexual life without condoms,
– terminating the treatment.