Smoking leads to erectile dysfunction

A small group of smokers has been chosen to participate in a study where some of them have quitted smoking. Interestingly, the quitters have gained and improved by five times, penile erection and sexual orgasm.

This study involved 65 sexually active men who were ready to attempt to quit smoking. These men consented to adhere to a two month no smoking program that includes no smoking therapy and use of nicotine patches. Penile erection testing was also employed to them. A penile plethysmograph machine was used to gauge the hardness and circumference of erections while they were provided with porn stuff.

Approximately, one third of the participants gave up smoking by the closing stages of the study. It is very interestingly good to note that these men had gained more extensive and firmer erections and prompt, full sexual peak while the non-quitters lag behind the score board!

It is pretty remarkable to know that the penile plethysmograph played a major role in coming up with a data that could not be questioned compared to any information delivered by the participants. Furthermore, this male sexual measurement machine contested the reports of the two groups who stated that they have not noticed any changes in any aspect of their sexual performance. According to Harte of VA Boston Healthcare System who conducted the study, these positive changes that were unnoticed by these quitters are very probable due to the fact that it is some weeks’ process.

British Journal of Urology International who published the research stated that erectile dysfunction is linked to the nicotine that is contained in cigarettes. It is so because progress was evident when the use of nicotine patches was discontinued.

Proofs on the negative effects of smoking include lesser volume of sperm counts, changes testosterone levels, abnormal sperm shape and slower sperm mobility.

Nowadays, anti-smoking ads flourish in several countries around the world. Smoking in public places is prohibited and some regions set penalties for such an act.

One British survey discovered that one in every two smoker admit that they would try to quit smoking for better masculinity. Eighty-eight percent of them do not know that smoking is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

Do not wait for the time when the doctor would prescribe Viagra or worse, stents before you quit smoking. Smoking pleasure or a healthy sexual relationship? It’s your choice. It’s up to you if you would want to risk your health.